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     Greetings my fellow American Patriots, my name is John Dummett, Jr., a Conservative Constitutionalist from the great state of California. I will be running on the Republican ticket to become your 45th President of these great United States of America.

     My mission statement is simple: I will restore this great land back to the Constitutional Republic as our forefathers intended.




November 2013, John Dummett spoke at the Reclaim America Rally in Washington, D.C.

The rally was held just across the street from the White House.


         America is at an historic crossroads. Despite the mounting challenges facing our nation, Democrats and RINOs are turning a deaf ear to the voices of the American People. Bent on runaway spending and unconstitutional laws, itís clear that todayís Administration priorities do not reflect those of the American People.

     Fortunately, you can do something about it. Itís not too late for you to get involved. Sign up today and join the Campaign to elect John Dummett Jr. for President in 2016 and help restore the Constitution to the American People.