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Woohoo, summer is around the corner! Long nights, beach days, stylish Cutler and Gross Glasses, salty hair, sandy toes and… sticky clothes. The last one probably not being our favourite, but it’s almost inevitable. Almost! There are some simple sartorial tricks to help you tackle this problem, and dress cool (in its broadest sense).

Choose the right fabrics

If you want to prevent feeling sweaty during the day, you need to wear the right fabrics. It’s best to avoid most synthetic fabrics like polyester, and opt for more natural ones instead, like cotton, linen and silk. Though rayon (viscose) is a semi-synthetic fibre, it is light and breezy and therefore suitable for summer. And, as weird as it might sound: finer wool fabrics (like merino) are perfect too, as they have a good breathability and insulating capacity, which keeps the wearer warm in cooler climates, and cool in warmer climates.

Dark versus light colours

It’s commonly known that darker colours and especially black absorb more heat than lighter shades, which explains why most people would prefer wearing white instead of black in summer. Lighter colours have the ability to reflect heat from the sun and keep you cool that way. There is however a flip side: sunlight is not the only form of heat that light shades will reflect. The same will happen with body heat, which could trigger the opposite effect: your body temperature will rise even further.

So if you’re active in the sun all day, it could be better to opt for black instead of white. White will keep you cool, but only when your body is relatively cool too. Whatever colour you prefer wearing, though: remember to choose a breezy fabric.

Go for loose rather than fitted

Loose outfits are usually much more comfortable to wear when it’s hot out than skin-tight outfits, which has everything to do with ventilation. Fitted clothes have a very limited vent capacity and can be really uncomfortable, especially when worn on hot days. Just like you, your outfit needs to breathe!

What do you prefer to wear on hot summer days?