A Brief Guide to Male Prostitution in the Netherland

A Brief Guide to Male Prostitution in the Netherland

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We have all heard about the Red-Light District in Amsterdam, one of the most popular yet controversial tourist attractions. It features two small streets where women are selling their bodies for sex.

You can also find transexual and transgender prostitutes. However, you cannot find men behind windows. Instead, they operate in gay clubs, bars, illegal brothels, and chat rooms. Male prostitution in the Netherlands is one of the most hardly discussed topics. Therefore, it is vital to raise awareness of the existence of this aspect.

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Three major taboos are affecting the male prostitution in Netherland:

  • Generally, receiving money for sex is not accepted by most people, even though prostitution is legal.
  • Homosexuality is still stigmatized where male prostitutes cannot be as transparent as females.
  • Finally, people think that men are less likely to become the victims of sexual abuse and prostitution, meaning they will not seek help to deal with their issues as in other countries.

Still, people hardly discuss the existence of male prostitution in the Netherland. You can find it in almost any city, region, or province. Generally, people are doing it voluntarily. It means they do not depend on the money they earn through sexual acts. Men who work in illegal brothels start doing it voluntarily.

One of the most important factors to remember is that the Internet plays an essential loan in increasing the range of male prostitution. A small group of men offers their services in gay clubs and bars, while most of them choose the Internet and illegal brothels for these activities.


A Brief Guide to Male Prostitution in the Netherland

The Pay-Dates are sex dates organized by numerous online dating websites. You can find them online and make an appointment to have sex with someone for specific rewards,including money. Both male prostitutes and clients can arrange in-person meetings without relying on clubs and brothels.

Besides, the Internet features more choices and allows convenience for both sides, which is vital to remember. Still, people who do the same, including pay dates, do not identify themselves as sex workers. Generally, this term is only for females in the Red-Light District because sex work is their full-time job.

On the other hand, the paydate is the voluntary and pleasurable act of meeting with someone you can have sex with afterward. According to most of them, they do it both for pleasure and money. The clients may or may not pay depending on the agreement. However, some people state that it is not an attractive option, but they used a few tricks to handle the issue.

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For instance, students voluntarily decide to go through paydates with others under cover of anonymity. They use chat rooms to reach people, removing the stigma associated with visiting the physical area. The increased access is way better than visiting a brothel or escort service, which is vital to remember.

They come with independence provided by the Internet, meaning they can maintain control over the money they receive for the services. At the same time, they can control how much, when, and with whom they wish to meet.

You can find numerous pay-date sites that inform users of health centers for legal advice, STD tests, assistance in quitting prostitution, and more. Although most work voluntarily, they come with additional psychological and physical problems.

They come with a higher percentage of STDs due to unprotected sex and unregulated work. The gay community is open about pay-date existence, meaning it is under the surface. The main reason for the research and attention is the three taboos we mentioned above.

Within the gay community, paying or being paid for sex is not a big deal, meaning if you want to do it, you should do it, but be careful and aware of potential ramifications. Still, it is indicative because it creates a gap between male and female prostitution in which female is visible, while the discussion about forced prosecution of women is more significant.

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On the other hand, paydates are less visible because they happen online. Still, we can differentiate a few exceptions due to forced prostitution. The main goal is to remove the stigma surrounding this topic, which will prevent potential aggression and other issues.