Capture and Record like Never Before: Upgraded Camera on iPhone 15

Capture and Record like Never Before: Upgraded Camera on iPhone 15

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Apple will hold an iPhone 15 launch event this September, probably on either September 5 or 12. The phone is likely to go on sale over a week later, on the 22nd.

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, iPhone 15 will only support USB-C accessories that are certified by Apple under the Made for iPhone program. Cables without this iphone 15 certification will only be able to charge at normal speed.

iCloud Backup

If you lose or damage your iPhone, it can be restored with a backup. Apple’s cloud-based iCloud Backup service is a great way to keep all your personal information safe. iCloud keeps multiple backup snapshots and automatically deletes older ones to save space. It can take a few hours to restore your iPhone from a backup, especially if you have a large amount of apps and data. You can disable large app backups to make the process faster.

To back up your device, open Settings and tap iCloud. You can choose to back up a limited selection of data, including your music library, apps, contacts, and notes. Alternatively, you can choose to back up all of your data and settings, including Messages messages, Visual Voicemail passwords, Voice Memo recordings, Safari bookmarks, Wi-Fi settings, Health data (such as workouts and body measurements), and your health apps’ activity history.

You can also select to encrypt your backup, which protects your account passwords, Wi-Fi settings, Health data, and website history from being recovered by someone else. Finally, you can set a recovery contact to help you get back in to your account in case of a password reset. This will generate a 28-character recovery key that you must store somewhere safe.


Memoji is a fun way to express yourself in iMessage. It lets you carve out a unique identity by using emoji stickers that look like your face. The app is even more personalized with iOS 13, which let you create static Memojis to use anywhere the keyboard is available. Static Memojis will even work on older iPhones without the advanced True Depth camera of the X-series phones.

At WWDC, Apple announced that it would be adding more options to its Memoji feature in the upcoming iOS 15 update. The software update includes clothing, accessibility, different eye colors and a variety of new stickers to choose from.

Users can customize their Memoji with over 40 outfit choices to reflect their style, mood or season. There are also new multicolored headgear options that will allow people to represent their favorite sports teams or universities.

In addition to clothes, Memoji gets six new expressive poses that will help you convey your emotions and reactions. These include a heart-eyes expression, the famed finger-heart pose, a talk-to-the-hand expression and more.

Fast Charging

Apple’s iPhone 15 is expected to ditch the Lightning port and feature a USB-C port. It is expected to support faster charging with a certified cable. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the new iPhone will enable higher speeds when used with MagSafe-certified chargers. The move comes in response to EU regulation requirements.

A fast charger is able to supply more power to the battery than the standard connector’s pitiful 2.5W of charging power. This helps with quick top-ups, bringing an empty battery back to full in a matter of minutes instead of hours. In addition, a fast charger can also give a boost when the battery is nearing its low threshold, helping it get back to half or three-quarter capacity quickly.

While Android phones have long supported high-speed wired and wireless charging, iPhones have only offered the slow charging capability of a Lightning connection. Apple’s upcoming iPhone 15 is believed to offer faster wireless and wired charging capabilities with third-party chargers based on the Qi2 charging standard. This is in addition to the 20W USB-C power adapter that will be included with the device, which will likely not be compatible with old USB-A cables. The iPhone 15 is also expected to support faster wireless charging when using third-party accessories with MagSafe certification.