Maxwell Drever : 4 Challenges by San Francisco Faces in Creating Affordable Public Housing

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Affordable Public Housing

Maxwell Drever states that San Francisco is the wealthiest and most expensive city in the USA. Still, they are facing problems in creating affordable public housing. America’s highest median income ($53,000), the highest home median income ($96,000), and the highest property value exist here. Food, clothes, and everything else is super expensive, and even its 80% population lives above the middle-class line.

For Affordable Housing, people usually have to cut back their housing costs by moving far away from the centralized places. That makes the distance from their jobs longer as well. This means that by saving on the housing, they have simply put an increase in the cost of their transportation.

Yet there is still a 20% population that exists on or below the poverty line. Where most San Francisco residents are making $100,000 plus annually, the bottom 20% are barely cracking the $20,000 bracket. These inequalities and few others have made affordable public housing a dream for many in the city with the golden gate bridge.

Therefore, in this article, Maxwell Drever highlights San Francisco’s significant challenges in offering its poor population affordable public housing. So without any further ado, here are the following:

1.     Negligence From Government

Study after study and investigation after investigation has shown that whenever affordable public housing funds have been shared in the city, they have been wasted due to the local government’s negligence.

Hence, there aren’t enough public housing projects for the less fortunate public. Plus, until the government sorts out its negligence situation, this will be an ongoing challenge for the city to offer proper affordable public housing.

2.     Building Homes on Steep Slope

According to us, San Francisco faces the most significant challenge in its inability to offer affordable public housing because the vast majority of the area is built on a steep slope. This makes the construction of public housing projects more difficult and expensive.

3.     Vast Wealth Inequality Among Residents

Another reason Maxwell Drever believes that the city of San Francisco is struggling to offer affordable public housing to its poor population is the vast wealth inequality among its residents. 90% of them make 10 times more than the poor. So they buy and rent property at a higher rate and have made private, affordable housing nonexistent in the city.

4.     Inflation & Rising Cost of Construction

The final reason for San Francisco’s inability to offer 20% of its population a lack of affordable public housing is inflation and the rising cost of construction. Due to these factors, what little funds are being used to construct public housing projects is no longer constructing to its scope.

Final Thoughts

San Francisco is the most well-to-do city in the USA. Yet its lack of affordable public housing crisis is evident to all. Therefore, in this article, Maxwell Drever has explained the city’s challenges in offering