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New online casinos – the newest casino providers in my test

New online casinos - the newest casino providers in my test

Are you looking for a new online casino? Then you are exactly right here! This page is about the advantages and disadvantages of the new providers and I will introduce you to the best new casino bonus offers . You can also find out which games are waiting for you and whether they work on your smartphone or tablet. Finally, I’ll tell you how to identify trustworthy new casinos .

The best new online casinos 2020

These are my current top 5 of the newest online casinos. All of them have a current EU gaming license, which is also valid in English and guarantees that you can play here safely and fairly . If you click on the logos in the table on the left, you will get to my detailed test reports. On the far right you will get directly to the provider. After registering, you can have a look around there or play immediately!

In the following you will find out which criteria I used to select these providers and why these new online casinos are the best in my opinion . In this context, I also shed light on the advantages young casinos can offer and what generally speaks in favor of giving a new provider a chance.

Selection criteria for my new casinos

An important note first: The new Internet casinos presented here are not necessarily casinos that have only recently been on the market. So the old casino hands among you shouldn’t be surprised if there are some well-known names in my top 5. You can see which of them are candidates for this page from my point of view in the following overview.

    The provider is new to my side: The tests on my side take a long time because I personally check each provider, sometimes over weeks and months.

    New casino bonus offers: Even established providers are constantly recruiting new customers. If an offer is particularly attractive, you will find out here first!

    Neutest: Don’t just renovate shops! If a provider has a completely new website or significantly expands its range of pay by phonebill slots, a new test is on the agenda.

Basically, the new online casinos listed here are no better or worse than the other providers that you can find on my main page . In addition to my general selection criteria, they also meet at least one of the characteristics mentioned above.

The advantages of the new providers

Anyone entering the market as a new provider should have more to offer than the other casinos. New customers benefit in several ways from the efforts of the challengers . The main advantages of the new online casinos over the established competition can be summed up in a nutshell from the customer’s point of view.

    Copying strengths, eliminating weaknesses: Before opening a new one, there is a competition analysis. Anyone who draws the right conclusions here can launch a better product.

    Aggressive recruiting for new customers: If you don’t have a good name, you have to throw other arguments into the balance, e.g. a particularly tempting bonus or attractive promotions.

    State-of-the-art software: A new provider does not have to take existing structures into account, but can simply choose the best software. This is reflected in an absolutely contemporary gaming experience – also and especially on the smartphone or tablet.

After all, a new online casino has to win your trust. Correspondingly, serious new providers will act particularly transparently and fairly from the start. This is the only way they can convince you as a new customer of their trustworthiness . They can also set themselves apart from the competition thanks to their particularly good customer service.

It should now be clear what the advantages of the young providers can be. You can read in the following sections how the advantages of the new online casinos will actually pay off for you .

New casinos: Attractive new casino bonus offers and lucrative promotions

Bonus offers and promotions are among the most important marketing measures of all internet casinos. The new casinos are eager to take advantage of the opportunities presented to them here. On the one hand, they put together particularly lavish welcome packages for new customers . On the other hand, they offer their young customer base lucrative promotions that are often more attractive than those of their long-established competitors.

However, new providers don’t have any money to give away either. You should never be blinded by high bonus amounts, but always check all bonus conditions before accepting the offer. So make sure in advance whether the regularly required minimum turnover fits your budget and whether you can easily meet it in the given turnover period . Another important decision criterion is the weighting of the individual games . Unfortunately, the bonus conditions are not always easy to find and understand, even at many new online casinos. You should therefore ask the customer service department if you have any small questions. Another good source of information on the whole topic is of course my big casino bonus special page .

Far be it from me to urge you to accept a specific bonus offer. I don’t do that here either. At the same time I would like to at least point out to you that a particularly attractive new casino bonus will not be offered forever. In this respect, acting quickly in this case can literally pay off for you.

No deposit bonus

No deposit bonuses are relatively rare. My experience has shown me that young online casinos in particular use such no deposit bonus offers to attract new players. Your advantage: You can test the provider in peace before you deposit your own money for the first time. You can usually use the free starting credit for any slot machine games.

My attentive readers already know what notice follows: even a no deposit bonus is subject to conditions . So make it clear to you what these are like in each individual case before you accept the bonus.

Promotions and loyalty programs

Similar to the bonus offers, the new online casinos meet their newly won customers with lucrative loyalty programs or particularly entertaining promotions, sometimes very far.

Whether a certain offer is right depends heavily on your individual betting behavior and your favorite games. Some loyalty programs are primarily of interest to high rollers; if you only play roulette, you can do without slot machine free spins. As you can see, you can’t avoid a little research of your own here. As a starting point, I would like to recommend my detailed casino reviews, in which I always go into the loyalty programs and promotions offered.

Great games from established and innovative manufacturers

All of the new providers that I present here on the site shine with a large number of games from different manufacturers. They are therefore ideal for both experienced players and casino novices . While the newbies may first rush to the online versions of the well-known arcade classics, more experienced players can devote themselves directly to the elaborate slots of the latest generation. In the new internet casinos I tested, you will of course find the popular slot machine games as well as the classic table games roulette and blackjack in different variants.

The picture gives an impression of the variety of games offered in modern online casinos. In addition to slot machines, there are also the classic table games roulette and baccarat.

But that is by no means exhausted the range of games. Baccarat and various poker games are also very common. Other popular game categories are the arcade games and scratch cards. After you have registered with a new online casino, you can first try out all the games for free . So relax and familiarize yourself with the titles that are of interest to you before you wager real money. Most games now also work perfectly on your smartphone or tablet .

Incidentally, the online casinos are constantly expanding their range of games so that you can always access the latest titles. In addition to the free demo versions, this is another main advantage for me of the online providers over the on-site game libraries.