Pornography Breaks the Shackles of Tediousness

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Before the advent of the internet only available option for watching porn was the darkroom of VCR rental service. Men used to covertly enter and exit the room, praying no one watched them. Few fortunate children would sneak into the private collection of adult porn of his father. Some adult magazines started to publish centerfolds of gorgeous nude models, but the price was princely and available at selected stores.

The Male Brain Is Programmed For Sex Variance

Studies reveal that 90% of porn viewership is online, and the rest comes from old DVDs. Single men view MOM PORN for an average of forty minutes three times a week, while men in a committed relationship watch porn for an average of 1.5 times a week, around twenty minutes. Many women see porn consumption as a sign of betrayal, though the degree varies from couple to couple. In spite of these arguments, there is a magnetic attraction between men of all ages and porn. There is an intrinsic urge to watch porn among men. They do not want to disrepute their partners or find them unattractive. The male brain is programmed for sex variance. Few are not.

Stimulating To Fantasize

To men, pornography is the realm where their fetish fantasies come true. The chromosomes in the male body want to extend their presence in as many partners as possible. To them, it is not infidelity but the basic instinct of men. Watching porn is devoid of any emotional connection it is about the unfolding of deep dark fantasies. Even with the most satisfying sex life, men tend to watch porn for some added excitement and thrill. To most men, porn is a safe space to vent their constrained desires. The niche is easily accessible at hand`s reach. Relationship requires constant nourishment and attention, and most men are ignorant about it. Pornography is, on the other hand, a sprite fountain of fetish desires.

The contemporary schedule is mostly repetitive and hence monotonous. Routines are so overwhelming that most people forget about their dreams and desires. Pornography breaks the shackle of tediousness and gives a sense of relaxation. Even the viewer knows it is not real but a fantasy. It is always stimulating to fantasize about a sexy gorgeous babe.