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Frequently Asked Questions About Product Photography Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions About Product Photography Pricing

Product photography can help you reach your customers and compel them to invest in your product. Impressive photographs provide a lot of information about the item to prospective customers, helping them make a sound purchase decision. Despite this, many businesses hesitate to book professional services because they are worried about product photography pricing. Here’s a look at some of the most common questions about photography pricing to help you decide whether professional services are the right choice for you:

  1. What’s The Average Cost of Product Photography?

The average cost of product photography is around $25-$50 per product. The cost depends on the scope of the project. For example, if you have a hundred or more products, the cost per image will be relatively low. Professional studios like to work on bulk orders because they have a lower cost of acquisition and higher revenue from the project.

Some studios charge on an hourly or daily basis. For example, they may charge around $150 per hour or around $1,200 per day. Photographers typically work eight-hour days and will provide a fixed number of images. While most quotes are comprehensive and accurate, it is important to keep some room in your budget. Sometimes photographers may have to work more than expected or get specialized props for the project and that can cost more money.

  1. What’s Included In Product Photography Pricing?

Different studios have different policies but most provide basic product photography services. These essentials include:

  • Consultation – Most studios provide free consultation and quotes. You can discuss your requirements with the photographers and explain what kind of targets you want to fit. It is also a good idea to bring inspiration images and explain the brand message clearly. That will help the photographers come up with a unique approach to product photography.
  • Quotes – Once the consultation is complete, the photography will provide a quote that explains product photography pricing in detail. There are no hidden costs or unclear exemptions in the quote. You can ask questions about the estimate and get assistance on planning a budget from the studio as well.
  • Planning – After the client approves of the budget, the photographer will start working on a plan. They will conduct their own research into your industry before coming up with a plan. They will prepare compositions that showcase your product in the best possible light and determine what kind of components they need for the shoot.
  • Principal Photography – Principal photography is the most important aspect of the process. It is when the photographer sets up the studio and starts taking pictures. They work with support staff and lighting technicians to ensure the product is positioned correctly. The photographer will take several images from multiple angles and with different lenses during the shoot.
  • Editing – No professional photography project is complete without editing. It is considered one of the most crucial aspects of the process and can take anywhere between a few hours to a few days. Editing is always included in product photography pricing. Experts use tools like Photoshop to clean up and refine product images.
  • Delivery – Once the photographs are polished and ready for publication, the studio will upload them onto a cloud server before giving clients access to them.

All of these services are included in professional product photography. You can contact the studio to know more about them and ask questions about their process.

  1. Is Studio Or Single Photographer A Better Choice?

Businesses can hire a studio or a freelance photographer for the job. Both options have their pros and cons so you should consider them carefully. Photography studios have higher product photography pricing because they need to pay overhead costs. The higher price tag often deters clients but studios offer several benefits to consider.

For example, studios have more photographers, resources, equipment, and studio space. They also have connections with modeling agencies and local artists who can make props for the shoot.

Freelancer photographers are more affordable and flexible. They have a lot of skill and experience, which can make them a good choice for product photography. However, they tend to have limited equipment and industry connections. If you want comprehensive services, consider hiring a studio. If you’re on a tight budget but want good results, consider a freelance photographer.

  1. How Do I Calculate Cost Per Image?

It is difficult to determine the real cost per image or cost per product just by looking at the quote. Clients often have to pay a few additional costs like shipping, insurance, props, and other such services. These costs can add up and ruin your budget, which is why it is a good idea to calculate the full cost per image.

The best way to do this is to divide the full cost of the service with the number of images or products. That will give you a clear idea about the cost per image or cost per product. You can then compare these prices with the local average or compare quotes from different vendors to find the most affordable service.

  1. What Additional Charges Should I Consider?

There are several additional costs outside product photography pricing that a client should consider. These costs include shipping the product to and getting it back from the studio. Some studios don’t include the cost of model or props in their quote. They also charge more for heavier or large products because they are more difficult to handle.

You also need to consider the cost of product styling and preparation. For example, the food product photography is more challenging and requires more preparation. A photography studio will charge more money for that. Clients with expensive or delicate products should consider getting the items insured. Insurance will protect them against the cost of repair or replacement.

If you have more questions, contact a local product photography studio and discuss the project requirements with them. They will provide a detailed quote after consultation and explain the product photography pricing to you clearly. Professional photographers will also recommend options that can help you save money and still get high-quality images.