Till Where the Casino Industry Lag Back, Lets Join the Dots

Till Where the Casino Industry Lag Back, Lets Join the Dots

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Casino we all have heard about it and the first thing that comesto our mind is gambling, but history shows that it wasn’t always the case. Tough the precise origin is exactly not known but the history dates back to entertainment purpose even in the Mesopotamian civilization for the royal class.

Casinos in the 20th century

The word casino derives from an Italian origin, casa meaning home, it meant a small villa or a summer home, and it was during the 19th century that casino came to be includedin other public buildings where pleasurable activities such as town functions, dancing, music listening, sports and even gambling started taking place. Although the precise origin of gambling is unknown it has existed in one form or the other in every society.

Casinos in the 21st century

In the olden days gambling, betting, and the like of it were thought to be of ill nature and many countries and states have been trying to term them illegal and people involved in these activities are being punished. It was only during the 20th century when the state of Nevada in the USA legalized casinos and it changed the course of history the first legalized casino in the USA was set up

The modern-day casino has been classified into 2 categories: Bricks and Mortar& Online casino

Now a day Singapore Casino online is popping up in many countries and states and they are being allowed to operate as they generate an enormous source of wealth for the state and increase tourist attraction.


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